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custom software development

Custom Software Development

We love building programs to solve complex technical problems.

We have experience ranging from building device drivers to high-level artificial intelligence engines and everything in between.

Whether you need a large, scalable and distributed cloud service or simply a few scripts to connect your systems together we will be able to provide a robust, secure and reliable solution.

web application development

Web Application Development

We specialise in building custom web applications in Python, Django and React, with a particular focus on complex workflow applications such as bookings management tools and order tracking systems.

Using industry-standard agile practices we rapidly deliver value from the first week of a project while staying adaptable to any change in requirements.

expert software consultancy

Expert Software Consultancy

With years of experience across a range of methodologies and technologies we can give you and your business a head start in software development.

We've seen the various pitfalls that both products and teams can fall into and know the most common and effective techniques for avoiding them.

We offer a wide array of consultancy services including agile training, product planning, technical analysis, development coaching, security workshops and code reviews, so let us know what you need and we will do our best to help.

How we work

client focus

Client Focus

As our client, you can expect total commitment to the highest possible service standards.

We pride ourselves on structuring the entire software development process on your needs. This is achieved by gaining a deep understanding of your requirements and processes and tailoring the software solution to fit as perfectly as possible.

As a result, your success defines our success - we are only happy when you are.

agile development

Agile Development

Our aim is to deliver business value as quickly and efficiently as possible.

To achieve this, we follow the "Agile" development process. This allows for a high degree of collaboration between you, the client, and us, the development team.

The benefit to you is that we deliver fully-functioning software to you incrementally, building the system through continuous planning and feedback.

The system is designed to be highly adaptable and provides the ability to make changes quickly if required, ensuring you get the solution for your most current needs.

right first time

Right First Time

Choosing the right software development company is never easy; We have been called to correct and finish projects that have gone awry for various reasons.

Not getting things right first time is costly, both in terms of time and budget.

That is why our initial process involves getting to the heart of what you need and ensuring that we can deliver in a timely and cost-effective manner whilst still maintaining the flexibility of the Agile process.

fully transparent

Fully Transparent

We know that clear, transparent communication at all stages is critical for a successful outcome.

You are included every step of the way and we measure and evaluate each phase of the project openly. We communicate with total honesty, ensuring that we have complete transparency at all times.

best practice

Best Practice

You can rest assured that we know how to build software in the right way.

We build efficient, scalable products that are designed to be easily adapted as your business changes, diminishing the need for costly system rewrites in the future.

Through our many years of experience, we are confident that we know what works and what doesn't. This allows you the peace of mind that we will deliver the best possible product at the best possible price for your organization.

Our projects

About RiskTalk

RiskTalk is a simple-to-use, bottom-up risk reporting application.

It is a cloud based platform designed for the quick and efficient reporting of risks, anomalies and issues via the Reporter app on a smartphone or tablet; completely anonymously if desired. This is linked to the Dashboard which is accessed via a desktop computer (PC or Mac). Once a report is logged, it immediately appears on the dashboard in a Kanban style format that can be utilized by management or a risk team.

It is ideally suited to organizations with significant operational risk, where employees and contractors work across multiple sites and/or are spread across wide geographical locations and has the advantage of allowing full operation where access to a laptop or PC is not practical.

The system has been developed as a result academic research into man-made disasters. The research, conducted by Dr Anette Mikes, formerly of Harvard Business School and now of HEC Lausanne who found that in today’s complex organisations there is a tendency to ‘incubate’ risks which can lead to catastrophic events such as BP’s Deepwater Horizon, the collapse of Lehman Brothers, and the recent Volkswagen emissions scandal

About ZESearch

ZESearch is a fast, powerful site search service for websites.

We built ZESearch because we had clients worrying about finding a replacement for Google Site Search as Google has discontinued GSS and it will be completely shut down by April 1, 2018.

This will leave thousands of users without the service. Google does offer an alternative Custom Search Engine (CSE), which is free, however CSE carries advertising which our clients were not very happy about.

From our research, we found other options in the marketplace but, good as they were, they were mostly high-end solutions with high-end price tags and a whole set of features that the majority of GSS users would probably not need.

So, we set to work and created a no-nonsense, fast, efficient, low-cost site search service for their websites, which, at a similar price point to GSS, could offer amazing value for money and a feature set that they needed and made them happy.

We then set about creating a commercial version that web developers could use for their clients to fulfill their site search needs easily and hassle-free.

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